Month: October 2017

The Spodcast #17: Halloween Horror Nights

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It’s Halloween, so it’s the perfect time to talk about Halloween Haunted House Theme Parks! That’s right, it’s the Halloween Horror Nights edition of the Spodcast!

Show Notes:
0:30 – The Rise of Bootskarn and Dampster
1:39 – Halloween costumes
5:12 – Alex and Josh fail at Halloween parties, get lost in Long Beach instead
25:14 – Everything you ever wanted to know about Halloween Horror Nights

The Spodcast #16: The Spooky Roundtable

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This week on the Spodcast, we get spoopy as we discuss all the stuff we love and hate about Horror.

Show Notes:
2:23 – An unrelated foray into more XCOM 2
8:30 – Horror Roundtable
9:15 – What’s Alex’s relationship with scary games?
16:20 – What does Chris think about jumpscares?
36:41 – Does Josh play horror games differently when he’s not recording?
47:41 – Good jump scares

The Spodcast #15: Wine, Bad Dates, Backlogs, and Hair Metal

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Mumbles returns to tell us about Mystic Messenger, we discuss our massive Steam backlogs, get abducted by aliens, and try to remember the names of obscure hair metal bands on this jam-packed episode of the Spodcast!

Show Notes:
0:41 – Danganronpa
8:25 – Alex did a Warframe charity stream
10:30 – Ruiner
16:35 – Mystic Messenger V Route
25:43 – Wine and Painting
32:12 – Cuphead
39:22 – Stories Untold
43:30 – Heat Signature
47:13 – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
1:08:25 – Mailbag: “What do you think of all the games you buy but don’t ever get around to playing?”

The Spodcast #14: Star Trek And Erotic Questions

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Things get spicy in space in this installment of the Spodcast!

Show Notes:
1:16 – Star Trek Discovery Pilot Discussion (SPOILERS!)
35:21 – Mailbag
37:10 – Have you tried erotic games funded by Patreon?
45:15 – Do you have any thoughts on a game’s ending being decided by player choice vs player action?
55:00 – Are you aware of the homebrew erotic game genre?