Month: February 2018

Star Butts 0x01: The Cage

Star Butts Episode 1

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And now for something completely different!

Alex, Josh, and Mumbles got together to watch Star Trek, and you can watch along with this commentary track! Just queue up the episode on Netflix or your physical media of choice, and follow the instructions at the beginning of the commentary track to experience Spoiler Warning On Your Television. Because… well, CBS wouldn’t let us just upload the an entire episode of Star Trek to YouTube, now would they?

In this episode, we take a look at the original unaired pilot episode for the Original Series, with the always memorable Captain Pike! And First Officer… Number One! Uh, they didn’t actually name all of the characters. But hey, Spock’s in it…

We’ve also got an RSS feed set up for future episodes. You can find that over on the sidebar, or directly here.

The Spodcast Live! #1

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The Spodcast Live is our monthly live version of the Spodcast, exclusively for our Patrons! This is the archive of our first live episode, where we discuss plumbing, cars, Stretch Armstrong, 19th century firearm technology, and historiography! It’s a podcast about video games!

If you’re interested in catching the next live version of the Spodcast, you can contribute to our Patreon at ! Even $1 is a big help, and will get you access to the live show!

The Spodcast #24: The Infectious Madness of Video Game Lore

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We go mildly insane in this episode of FMV games, Kingdom Hearts lore, and the Wild, Wild West.

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Show Notes:
0:59 – The Infectious Madness of Dr. Dekker
14:11 – The Kingdom Hearts Lore Singularity
27:32 – The Problem with Video Game Lore
40:50 – Golf Story
45:55 – Rutskarn’s Perfect Western Game

Save vs. Death EP3: The Battle of Boot Hill

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Alex and Josh are transported to the Old West for a Very Special Episode about Not Getting Into Gun Fights.

Also, at request, I’ve added a separate RSS feed for Save vs. Death, so be sure to check that out if that’s your thing. Future episodes will be posted only in the Save vs. Death feed, and not in the Spodcast feed.