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Tomorrow: Left 4 Dead Stream

As a coping mechanism to help us deal with the horrors of the battlefield that was E3 2017, Glitch and I will be streaming an attempt to complete Left 4 Dead 1’s hardest campaign, Death Toll. On expert. While drinking.

This incredibly poor exercise in judgement will begin at 4 PM Pacific tomorrow (Friday). That’s 7 PM Eastern and midnight on Saturday in London. You’ll be able to find it, as usual, on the Twitch Channel

Let’s have some fun…?

E3 2017 Stream

This week’s Spoiler Warning recording worked out in such a way that it was better to cut it into two episodes instead of three, so they’ll be going up tomorrow and Friday. Then on Saturday, we start our three day E3 2017 stream marathon!

Just like last year and the year before, we’ll be streaming the press conferences live while we make bad jokes over them. And maybe occasionally we’ll say something halfway intelligent, but no promises.

Right now, the conference schedule looks like this:

Saturday June 10:
EA – 12 PM PDT

Sunday June 11:
Microsoft – 2 PM PDT
Bethesda – 9 PM PDT

Monday June 12:
Intel – 9 AM PDT
PC Gaming Show – 10 AM PDT
Ubisoft – 1 PM PDT
Playstation – 6 PM PDT

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to restream Nintendo’s conference; at the very least, they’ve never allowed it in the past.

You can catch all of this on our Twitch Channel. We hope to see you there. And hey, maybe this time we’ll actually start on time!