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Save vs. Death EP3: The Battle of Boot Hill

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Alex and Josh are transported to the Old West for a Very Special Episode about Not Getting Into Gun Fights.

Also, at request, I’ve added a separate RSS feed for Save vs. Death, so be sure to check that out if that’s your thing. Future episodes will be posted only in the Save vs. Death feed, and not in the Spodcast feed.

Save vs. Death EP1: Attack of the Soup Monsters

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This holiday season, it’s always good to remember what we’re thankful for. For example, that Dungeons and Dragons isn’t nearly as obtuse and inscrutable as it once was. And what better way to remind ourselves of that than to actually go back and try to play old D&D?

Welcome to Save vs. Death, the series where Josh and Rutskarn attempt to survive a playthrough of Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition! THAC0! Two completely different ways to multi-class! No encounter tables!

Will any of our stalwart hosts make it out alive?