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The Spodcast #6: Electronic Entertainment Expo Extravaganza

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E3 2017 is over, so now it’s time to share our thoughts on this whole crazy thing.

3:35 – Electronic Arts
22:40 – Microsoft
43:45 – Josh takes a break so Duck Tales?
45:50 – Bethesda
50:15 – Devolver Digital, Intel, and the PC Gaming Show
54:10 – Ubisoft
1:09:10 – Sony
1:16:50 – Nintendo
1:26:10 – Mailbag: Rate console names from smartest to XBox One X

The Spodcast #5: Not E3, Bad Games, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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Recorded on the eve of E3, we instead talk about other conferences that weren’t E3. Also, Glitch returns to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, we discuss the bad games we still enjoy, and more!

2:20 – We talk about not talking about E3
6:35 – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (SPOILERS)
34:00 – Josh got a Switch somehow
40:05 – A tale of two Academic Conferences
54:10 – Enjoying Bad Games
1:13:45 – Mailbag
1:14 20 – Which games have you gotten really deep into because you enjoyed the mechanics so much?
1:29:35 – What do you think about politics in games?

Spodcast #4: Switches, Steam and MUD Fights

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As we gear up for E3, we discuss the news of the Switch online service, Steam Direct, and rumors about another Life is Strange game. And then things get dirty as Rutskarn regales us with a cautionary tale about MUDs.

3:30 – We’ll be talking over the E3 press conferences! You can catch those at our Twitch Channel
11:05 – Nintendo unveils plans for the Switch online service
39:25 – Steam Direct fee and curation plans
53:50 – Life is Strange Prequel rumors
1:02:55 – Rutskarn rants about MUDs

Spodcast #3: Far Cry 5, Movie Madness, and Anime Tiddies

Alex of FirstPersonScholar joins us to talk about films, food, Far Cry, and… anime tiddies?

4:30 Far Cry 5
19:40 Lord of the Rings Animated Films
27:35 Guardians of the Galaxy 2
35:40 Logan (Spoilers)
46:35 John Wick 2
48:00 Colossal
51:05 Mailbag
52:25 What are some of your favorite food and drink pairings?
1:00:00 How do you feel about the Starcraft remaster?
1:07:50 Glitch talks about Majesty 2
1:11:40 How do you feel about Steam Direct and its paywall?