Terror From The DOSoleum: Battlespire

Welcome to Terror From The DOSoleum, a series where Rutskarn and Josh dig up the tombs of old video games to uncover their secrets, only to discover why they were buried in the first place.

In this first installment, we excavate the tomb of An Elder Scrolls “Legend:” Battlespire, Bethesda’s space-time paradox of a dungeon crawler. A game with a jumping system designed by aliens, where trying to move forward often sends you sliding sideways, and every single enemy in the game has its own dialogue tree. Todd help us.

The Spodcast #12: TwitchCon, Dauntless, And Guild Wars 2

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Recording times didn’t work out quite the way we’d hoped this week, so everyone got to be just a little bit loopy in this episode of the Spodcast, where we discuss fast food, travel, the dark ages of Web 1.0, and–ever so occasionally–video games.

Show Notes:
1:08 – The Ancient Internet
5:16 – Fast Food or something
9:18 – TwitchCon
28:10 – Guild Wars 2
47:15 – Dauntless
52:47 – Mailbag
53:12 – What long-running franchise have you played the most games in?
1:03:43 – What are some of your favorite gaming protagonists?

The Spodcast #11: Bad Habits, Proper Nouns, and the Historical Veracity of the Existence of Hel

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We play dress-up, forget everyone’s name, and Campster becomes very confused about the metaphysical concept of the underworld.

0:27 – GOG Pinata sale
9:20 – Glitch vs Spooky Noises
12:03 – Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
17:39 – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
20:45 – Hellblade SPOILERS
31:07 – The Signal from Tolva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted
38:17 – Roundtable Topic: Have you ever imposed a rule on a game that diminished the experience for yourself?
53:10 – Mailbag: Which is your favorite daughter of Sad-Dads in games?