Author: Josh

The Spodcast #7: VR, SNES Classic, and the Han Solo Blues

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With everyone on vacation, we’ve got a skeleton crew this week, but Glitch, Josh, and Campster manage to get together to talk about Nintendo, the current state of VR, the new Han Solo director, and more!

5:15 – Nintendo Switch travel impressions
18:00 – The Current State of VR
35:35 – Steam Sale
42:45 – SNES Classic
53:10 – Han Solo Director Troubles
1:08:10 – Mailbag
1:08:45 – Who would play you in the movie adaptation of Spoiler Warning?
1:14:25 – What do you think of the new XBox and do you have unfiltered wheat bear?
1:20:20 – What are your favorite game reviewers?
1:25:45 – Do you plan on watching the solar eclipse on the 21st of August?

Fifty-One Minutes With: Witch It!

Mumbles got us all to play prop hunt, with witches! Or, as Rutskarn put it: That classic brother vs. brother scenario when one of them becomes an ugly hairy ogre and the other becomes a witch that turns into things.

E3 2017 – Now on YouTube

All 10 hours and change of our coverage of the E3 2017 is now on YouTube, and I’ve put them all in a handy playlist. Plus there’s three hours of Overwatch and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds there when we got bored in the middle of day two.