Author: Josh

Kona Short EP1: Dear Secret Service

Before we move on to another big AAA game, we’re going to take a quick look at the an indie game about a hard-boiled detective and his adventures in the frozen wasteland that is Quebec. It’s the most Canadian video game ever, Kona!

The Spodcast #8: Disney, Spider-Man, and Potato People

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Glitch, Josh, Mumbles and Chris put their heads together to find out if it’s even possible to talk about video games on this show.

0:22 – Disney Parks
09:25 – Wrestlers and Actors
30:10 – Spider-Man Homecoming
35:45 – Spider-Man Spoilers
1:06:50 – D23 Expo
1:27:50 – Mailbag
1:28:25 – How do you feel about Mass Effect being put on ice?
1:38:55 – Would you rather listen to Josh talk about Dark Souls or Paradox Games?
1:44:05 – What is your favorite Pokemon?